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5 smart tips for a stress-free move

The process of moving and relocating can be a stressful process as it involves quite a bit of planning Planning includes deciding the time and date of your move, the number of boxes you’d need to hold your items and decluttering to remove those items that you no longer need For those who are...
December 17, 2020

Tips To Host a Safe Christmas Home Party in 2020

December 15, 2020
The festive Christmas season is back again! However, as the pandemic is still lingering on, most of this season’s joyful events or parties are cancelled...

3 simple ideas to store sports equipment at home

October 27, 2020
Are you a sports fanatic who loves different seasonal sports If your workout schedule includes various outdoor activities such as golf sessions in autumn, surfing during summer and skiing during winter, it’s understandable for you to...

3 Reasons Why A Collector Should Use Self-Storage

August 31, 2020
We understand that many of us love collecting as a hobby These items include toy figures, Lego, sneakers, handicrafts and paintings There are also collectors who love souvenirs like cups and stamps...

Camping For Beginners: 3 Tips For Your First Camping Trip

August 07, 2020
Travelling overseas or going to the beach are the most popular things to do for the summer holidays However, people are now changing their summer trip plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic More people...

Self-storage solutions for your business

July 30, 2020
Running a business or planning to start one in Seoul Congrats! However, as we all know, renting an office building in Seoul is one of the most expensive...

Fire Safety at Extra Space Asia

June 05, 2020
Using steel material partition instead of urethane Fires in a warehouse pose huge problems and risks and lead to an immeasurable loss of life and property, especially when building partitions are made of urethane material Urethane foam has...

Self-storage: The smarter way to store your belongings

June 01, 2020
Eyeing to purchase that new sneaker to expand your personal collection But facing a lack of space at home to store more Yes, we know that you may have maxed out those space in your wardrobe, closet...

Emergency relief funds now accepted at Extra Space self-storage

May 22, 2020
The Korean government is giving the COVID-19 emergency relief funds to help citizens amid the outbreak This relief comes in the form of points on credit/debit card, gift certificates and prepaid...

How to make space for homeschooling during COVID-19

April 17, 2020
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, South Korea has started to teach students online As this is a relatively new initiative, many parents are worried about creating...

3 Useful Tips When Choosing Your Self-Storage Provider in Korea

April 09, 2020
Living in a space-starved country like Seoul, the chance of owning more space or a bigger new home seems tough To cope with this issue, most people explore the option of renting a self-storage unit to expand their living space without...

Tips for Spring Cleaning

April 01, 2020
As winter ends, it’s time to start cleaning up your house to welcome the spring season 🙂 Here are 3 items to look out for when you start cleaning your living room and closet   Carpet Thick...

3 Tips to Declutter Your Home

March 19, 2020
Have you ever felt that your home is getting smaller due to accumulated home appliances and everyday belongings All households experience the same as time goes by, but moving to a bigger place is a...

Finding the Best Self-Storage to Fit Your Storage Needs

February 26, 2020
People are becoming more familiar with the idea of self-storage in recent years Due to the changes in our lifestyle habits and rising real estate rent for our...

3 tips to perfect your Christmas house party

December 17, 2019
December is a season of close bonding with friends and family That’s why instead of noisy restaurants, most of us prefer to throw a House Party at home Here are 3 tips to bring home an enjoyable party this Christmas   Tip #1: Plan...

Extra Space Asia: The smart business storage choice that gives you endless savings!

November 30, 2019
Looking to expand your online business or starting a new business At Extra Space Asia, we understand that every business requires quite a fair bit of expenses, especially at the beginning stage We aim to help your business by providing a...

3 tips for organising your winter wardrobe

October 31, 2019
Winter is here, and we know that it can be hard to organise your winter clothes They are heavy and bulky – think about all that fur, suede and leather you...

“4 Self-storage Tips to Maximise Your Storage Space”

September 30, 2019
Ever wondered how you can maximise storage space in your storage unit Good news: we have tips for you With some strategic planning, you can now enjoy more savings by choosing the right storage size!...

“5 reasons why Extra Space Asia should be your self-storage choice”

August 10, 2019
Moving homes often presents a list of worries When it comes to finding temporary storage space, it’s natural for you to have some concerns, especially for valuable or bulky items Here are 5 ways...

“Should I utilise self-storage when moving to a new home?”

July 10, 2019
Hey, we know the process of moving into a new home can be daunting with all the planning and packing checklist The list never ends, and it’s stressful even...

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