In Korea, many of us are no strangers to the idea of self-storage. At Extra Space Asia Self Storage, we understand different customers have different storage requirements and needs to consider before renting their first storage unit.

Why choose Extra Space Asia Self Storage as your first storage space?

Unlike big warehouse storage and office leases, where you are committed to a specific rental duration of one year or more, the rental duration of a storage unit is more flexible. For self-storage companies like Extra Space Asia, customers can choose to store from as short as 14 days to as long as needed.

By storing at self-storage companies like Extra Space Asia, you will have the freedom of round-the-clock access to your air-conditioned storage unit. All you have to do is to key in your unique PIN code, and you will be able to access the storage unit. This feature is important for our customers who have businesses to run, as it enables owners and operators to boost efficiency without being affected by the operating hours of a storage facility.

With Extra Space Asia Self Storage, you can also be assured that your items are in good hands, as we are a 100% FSD-approved storage provider in Hong Kong with 24-hour CCTV monitoring for extra protection.

Long-term storage

Calling all hobbyists, business owners and even families!

Did you know that Extra Space Asia Self Storage offers good storage deals for customers who plan to store for a long period of time? This means that it will be more cost-effective to rent for a longer period of time to enjoy the higher storage discount perks if you see yourself needing that extra space to extend your living space or for business use.

Besides the flexible storage duration, customers can also enjoy the freedom of downsizing or upsizing their storage unit anytime! No more fussing over the risk of having incompatible storage space when your needs change in the future.

Short-term storage

Did you know that at Extra Space Asia, we provide short-term space rental – from as short as 14 days? Yes, that is right.

If you are planning for an upcoming home renovation project or in between homes due to rental issues or home improvement plans, don’t fret!

Come visit any of our mini storage facilities located at Hung Hom and Sai Wan area during our operating hours or simply call us at 1899-8708 or Kakaotalk “엑스트라 스페이스 아시아” to speak to any of our friendly storage consultants, and we will be glad to find you a suitable short-term or long-term storage plan that will best fit your storage needs!

Running a business or planning to start one in Seoul? Congrats! However, as we all know, renting an office building in Seoul is one of the most expensive factors when opening a new business. In fact, Seoul’s rental is one of the most expensive in Asia. Being a business owner, one would have to factor in the various cost before embarking on a business, such as office rental cost, hiring employees, storage to store your inventory and other operational costs. Here are 4 reasons why choosing to rent a self-storage with storage companies like Extra Space Asia is a smart choice for your business.


  1. Convenience

Need to retrieve an item urgently from your storage unit? No worries. At Extra Space, you can access your storage unit at any time, 24/7. Unlike warehouse storage located in the suburbs, you would be able to find an Extra Space Asia self-storage near you in the city. Extra Space is located at Yangjae, Apgujeong, Yongsan, Yeongdeungpo, Gasan and Bundang. Just choose the nearest one!


  1. Security

We understand that all items related to business such as inventory, computers and filing document are important. Therefore, at Extra Space Asia, we place a high emphasis on maintaining tight security across the storage facility. On top of 24/7 CCTV monitoring the facility, all customers are also given a unique Pin code to access to their storage unit. This means only the customers will have access to their storage unit with their individual padlock. Thus, you can be assured that all of your items are safely stored here.


  1. Flexibility

Extra Space understands the business fluctuation. That is why customers here can upgrade or downgrade their storage space at any time they want. Simply inform our staff, and they will help to change the storage units accordingly. Feel free to choose from our wide range of storage sizes from Locker units as small as 1sqm to Walk-in units as big as 33sqm for your storage needs.


  1. Attractive Prices

The minimum period of renting a self-storage unit at Extra Space is only 14 days! From there, you can extend the contract to as long as you need. In this case, customers no longer need to worry about a long-term contract and wasting budget. For those on a lookout for recurring discounts and special promotions, simply sign up for a storage unit plan of more than 3 months. It’s that easy! Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more.


People are becoming more familiar with the idea of self-storage in recent years. Due to the changes in our lifestyle habits and rising real estate rent for our home and office, many of us are turning to self-storage for extra space. However, with so many different self-storage companies in Korea, how do you to choose the self-storage company that suits you? Here are 3 useful tips to get you started.


  1. Personal and Business Storage

In need of storage space for relocating and moving purposes? Renting a self-storage at Extra Space Self-Storage might be a good idea to store all your family and personal items for a short period. Our self-storage units can keep your items safe, clean and secure during this period. Apart from personal storage, this solution is also a cost-effective and convenient way for business owners to store their inventory.


At Extra Space, customers can upgrade or downgrade their storage space at any time. The storage facility is also equipped with air-conditioners for added comfort. Even in the hot, humid summer, you can be assured that your temperature-sensitive items are in good condition.


  1. Storage sizes

Extra Space offers a wide range of storage sizes from locker units to walk-in units over 33 metre-square with flexible rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as needed. Simply let our friendly facility staff know what you would like to store and we will recommend the storage unit that best suits your needs.


  1. Location

It is more time-saving to find a self-storage near you as compared to a cheap self-storage far away. Extra Space Korea started its first self-storage facility in Yangjae in 2010. Since then, four more storage facilities have opened in Bundang, Gasan, Apgujeong and Yeongdeungpo. Come March 2020, we will be opening our 6th self-storage facility in Yongsan!

Good news: Brand new facility in Yongsan

If you are staying or working near Yongsan, here’s an amazing opening promotion not to be missed! Sign up today for more than 3 months and enjoy 1 month FREE storage on top of all prevailing discounts!


Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more. Hurry as this is a limited-time promotion!


Winter is here, and we know that it can be hard to organise your winter clothes. They are heavy and bulky – think about all that fur, suede and leather you have to lug around! Here are 3 ways to prep your closet for the winter season.


1.Clear the clothes you don’t wear

It’s time to replace your summer clothes before winter falls. The first step is to review all the clothing you have in your closet. Pull out everything and review each item – what to discard, donate and keep? If you’ve not worn something in three years, chances are you may not be needing it anymore. Leave only the essentials and make room for more closet space.


2.Sort by material

Instead of organising your clothes based on the frequency of use, try sorting them by their materials. This way, you can get a complete look at what clothes you have under each category. Arrangements like this are ideal for winter wear.


3.Consider Self-Storage

Got a designer limited edition piece that you may not wear during winter? It’s time to give self-storage a try. By storing in a storage facility like Extra Space Asia, you can free your closet space at home. You can also enjoy the freedom to access your not-so-frequently-used items 24/7, any time, any day. You’ll also be assured that everything is in good hands. Extra Space Asia’s storage unit is air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition.


Contact us today to find out more!