Winter clothes are clothing that we only use daily if we are living in a winter country with low temperatures all the time. As they are bulky, they occupy a lot of useful space in our wardrobe or spare room. Here are some winter clothes storage hacks to try out today!

Prepare winter clothes before storing

Wash and dry clothes

Before you start your storage process, it is important to ensure that all winter wear is properly washed and dried. It is key to ensure that your winter clothing is completely dried before storing it, as you want to avoid finding mouldy clothes when you need them the next time. It is also important to check if your clothes can be machine washed or needs to be sent for dry cleaning.

Fold or hang your winter wear

The general rule would be to fold your lightweight clothes, such as knit wears and thermal wears, compared to using a hanger to hang them as it will change their shapes and hang the heavier items, such as your winter coats, so that they will stay in shape for a long time.

How to store your winter clothes

Use vacuum-sealed bags

Use vacuum-sealed bags for a start as they will help to shrink the size of these think clothing to a fraction of the original size. By vacuum-sealing your clothes, storing and stacking your vacuum bags in your wardrobe would be much easier. These bags can also prevent moisture from entering the clothes and are helpful against odour and insects/pests. You can easily purchase these vacuum-sealed bags online or in most home stores.

Store in plastic containers with lids

Plastic containers are a good storage idea, too, as they keep your winter wear safe from humidity, mould and bugs. Using plastic storage containers, you can quickly see each box’s content and label them by categories such as hats, jackets, heat techs, etc.

For family storage wise, you can also adopt the idea of storing the winter wear by names so that they can easily grab and go when the time arises instead of looking through each category and ensuring that the size is correct.

Store in a self-storage facility to save closet space

Storing your winter clothes will help keep your wardrobe clutter-free, but only some are blessed with ample storage space. In such cases, you can rent a self-storage unit where you can choose either a locker size or a walk-in unit size, depending on the storage space you need. If you have many items to store besides your thick winter clothes, you can rent a walk-in unit.

For those new to the idea of self-storage, you can try self-storage providers such as Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, which offers a wide range of storage sizes at various locations. With a 24/7 air-conditioned and dehumidified storage environment, your items will be in safe hands, especially those temperature-sensitive items. If you have more storage questions, you can also reach out by calling 1899 8708 or even visit the storage facilities from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm, to see it for yourself!

New Year, new me. That’s what many of us say on the first day of a brand new year. But instead of just a ‘new me’, why not include changing up your home situation for the better too? With many of us still working from home, our homes have become a place where we live for more than 12 hours a day. So it’s definitely important that we find simple ways to keep our home clean and organised. We’ve come up with these 3 simple ways which can be applied any day and any time.


  1. Tackle one room at a time

Most of our homes will include more than one room on top of the living room space. This means that you’d definitely need more time and effort to clean up every inch and corner of your home if you were to tackle it all at once. The easier (and forgiving) way would be to clean up room by room. You can always start with the messiest room or the room where you spend most of your time in. Start from the floor space, followed by your closet or your table. By combing these space section by section, you can start finding pockets of space.

You should also find time on a daily or weekly basis to do some personal hygiene tasks such as vacuuming and mopping your floor, changing your bedsheets and curtains, cleaning the surfaces that you often use like your desktop or vanity top to ensure that they are clean with minimal dust accumulation.

  1. Remove messy corners

We all have that one messy corner in our home where we would just happily leave our items there, and watch it slowly start to pile up like a mountain. Instead of that, consider clearing and wiping up the mess way before it starts to clutter. You can start by clearing up the current messy corner and make use of storage boxes to hold your small knick-knacks.

Try buying the same type of storage boxes so that if you need to stack them up in your room, it’ll be more consistent and organised looking too. You can also purchase transparent storage boxes instead of those opaque ones so that you’ll be able to find your items much easier over time without the hassle of opening each container. You should also place small labels on each storage boxes so that you can categorise them easier. Also, consider stacking the items from top to bottom according to how often you use the items. This will save you time and effort in future should you need to use the items.

  1. Declutter your room

In need of extra space to grow your personal collection, work comfortably and for your kids to play? Start your decluttering your home by first removing items which are hardly used. Once you’ve cleared these items either by throwing or donating them, you’ll be able to enjoy more space at home. With these newfound space, you’ll also be able to move furniture around to create a new vibe for your home. However, if after clearing up those unwanted items, you’re still in need of extra space for business or personal reasons, you can explore the idea of storing the bigger bulky items, seasonal items and even business items in a self-storage facility.

By storing in a self-storage facility such as Extra Space Asia Self- Storage, you’ll still be able to retrieve these items any time, any day as your storage unit is accessible 24/7. You can also contact the self-storage provider today at 1899-8708 to find out more about their various storage solutions for personal and business use or even wine storage.

5 Quick ways to prepare your home for Christmas

As we approach the end of the year, it is also a nice time for all family and friends to gather. Most of us will also be getting into the Christmas spirit! If you are planning to host guests this Christmas, preparing your home will be something you have to plan for to create a Christmassy atmosphere for everyone coming over.

Here are five quick ways to prepare your home for Christmas!

  1. Plan ahead of time 

As the festive period comes, there will be a lot of preparation that needs to be done should you plan to have a gathering at home. There can be various lists and plans that you have to decide on in advance, including items such as your guest list, gift list, party list, food list, catering options and more. By making a to-do list, you will also be able to see what you need to do urgently or what can be done later to help you plan more efficiently.

If it is your first festive party you are hosting, you can also try to engage your friends’ help and split the workload so that you do not miss out on anything.

  1. Take out all your festive décors

Festive decors are definitely a must-have for Christmas parties to spruce up your home! Prepare your Christmas tree and decorations ahead of time. It is also a good time to involve your kids in the Christmas décor preparation work and encourage them to join in the Christmas spirit. Add lights and various festive decorations in your living room and common spaces to curate a festive vibe all around.

If you need more help, create a to-do list and delegate the tasks so that everything will be ready in time. Remember that the holidays are meant to be a time for rest and relaxation, so don’t be stressed out and try to have fun!

  1. Stock up on party necessities

With parties, we will definitely have to stock up our kitchen and all the necessary party items so that everyone will have a fun time at your home party.

Remember to stock up on disposable kitchen wares, tissues, and trash bags for your party or dinner rubbish. As for your kitchen and pantry, it is good to keep it filled with festive sweets, finger food, wines, cheese, and maybe some frozen food for last-minute entertainment and hosting.

  1. Clean your home and guest rooms

Before the start of your party, schedule a quick clean-up of your home so that it will look presentable and welcoming to your guest. If you are tight on time, you can always hire a part-time cleaner or someone who can assist you with the cleaning while you deal with the other parts of the to-do list.

If you have a guest room, it might be a good time to clean it just in case someone wants to stay over during the festive period. Remove the dust and dirt on hardly-used items and replace your old bedsheets and guest towels so your room is always ready.

  1. Declutter and make space for everyone

When you have plans for home parties or any form of gathering, it is important to make space at home so everyone can comfortably sit and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Here are some things you can do to make extra space at home:

– Move your festive door to the wall or the corner of your home so that you have more space in the middle of your home.

– Move that bulky furniture or seasonal items you hardly use to your room or your self-storage unit if you have them.

If you are looking for extra space to store your personal and family items, you can also explore renting a self-storage unit at storage providers such as Extra Space Asia Self-Storage. They provide a wide range of storage sizes, from Lockers to Walk-in storage units. Did you know that by renting a storage unit, you can also enjoy flexible storage terms? Yes, you can decide to store from as short as 14 days to as long as you need. There are no fixed storage duration terms to adhere to. With a storage unit, you will definitely be able to enjoy more space at home for your loved ones this holiday season.

For those looking for a storage unit this December, rejoice as there is a fantastic Christmas promotion at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage that you would not want to miss out on!


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If you have any storage questions, it would be good to speak directly to any of our Extra Space Asia consultants at 1899-8708. Alternatively, you can visit any of our Extra Space Asia Self-Storage facilities located around Seoul and Bundang during our operating hours from Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm to find out more!

3 tips to change your living environment overseas!

Since the pandemic, many people have spent more time at home. The workplace is also changing to work-from-home arrangements. Thus, the space inside the house has become more important than ever. How can we optimise and change our living home environment?

Here are three simple tips!

Lighting, lighting, lighting.

This is so important, we feel the need to emphasise it thrice! The one most crucial element for any room or space to look more spacious boils down to the lighting. Natural light works wonders in opening up the interior of a room. If you don’t have access to natural lighting, consider painting the walls and ceiling white for an open and airy aesthetic. No more feeling cooped up and confined in a small space!

Revamp your bedroom

For many, the bedroom is a sanctuary. It’s where we spend the majority of our lives resting, sleeping, studying and working. There’s no place safer than the comfort of our bedroom. In a new country, it’d be best to replicate your own bedroom back home as closely as possible. This gives you a sense of familiarity as well as security. Jazz it up a little, of course, with scented candles and a good sound system!

Keep your home clean and tidy

Coming home after a long day of work to an empty house or room may be disheartening. But on the bright side, it’ll look amazing if you keep it clean and tidy! Being in a foreign country is a daunting task, and many of us would pack more than what is needed. As my mother used to say, “you’ll never know when you may need this.” From experience, these items would just be lying around taking up space. Should you have too much stuff around, consider decluttering your space and store what you don’t need with us at Extra Space Asia, where you can access it any time, any day, as our facilities are open 24/7!


There’s no place like home. But while we’re somewhere else, let’s soldier on, and do what we must to rise above these unique times. If you’re searching for a safe and secure storage facility to store your personal and family items, feel free to visit any of our seven storage facilities in Korea. Or simply call us at 1899-8708 to speak with our professional consultants to learn more about our various storage solutions.

As the spring season ends, it’s time to start cleaning up your house and closet to welcome summer. Here are three clever ways to prepare your home for the sunny season and properly store your items to maintain them in good condition all year round.


  1.  Carpets

Thick and heavy carpets can help to add warmth from winter to spring. However, the carpet might add extra heat around the home during the warmer seasons. Cool off by storing your carpets and reusing them again during winter.


Before storing it in your storage unit, remember to clean it thoroughly to prevent moulds and dust accumulation. Clean from at least two different directions to absorb all the dust on the carpet. Afterwards, it would be good to use a protective sheet to wrap it up for long-term storage in your storage unit.


  1.  Bedding

Goodbye, spring comforter! It’s time to replace your thick fluffy comforter with a thin material blanket. Like your carpet, spring bedding should also be clean and stain-free before you pack and store them.


There are no fixed cleaning rules here. You can either use a washing machine or go to a laundromat. Just remember that your comforters should be completely dry before storage, as any leftover moisture may cause moulds in your storage unit! To optimise your space, fold them neatly and use a vacuum storage bag to compress the size of your winter comforters.


  1.  Large bulky seasonal clothing

Carpets, comforters, curtains and even clothing used during spring are very bulky and take more space than other everyday household items. Fret not, if you’re running out of space to store these bulky items at home! Extra Space Self-Storage is here to help.


Our self-storage units are air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition. When you store your personal and family items with Extra Space Asia, you can also enjoy the freedom to access your items 24/7, any time, any day.


If you’re searching for a safe and secure storage facility to store your personal and family items, feel free to visit any of our seven storage facilities in Korea or simply call us at 1899-8708 to speak with our professional consultants to learn more about our various storage solutions.

Living in a space-starved country like Seoul, the chance of owning more space or a bigger new home seems tough. To cope with this issue, most people explore the option of renting a self-storage unit to expand their living space without overcrowding their current home or office space. However, with around ten self-storage companies in Korea, which should you choose? And why? Here’s 3 useful tips when choosing your self-storage provider in Korea.


1.Store with a Safe and Reliable Self-Storage Brand

 Being one of the few dominant self-storage brands in Asia, Extra Space Asia has been in the industry for over 13 years. Today, the company has six storage facilities located in Korea and over 50 storage facilities spread across Asia. Extra Space Asia was awarded ‘Singapore’s No.1 Self-Storage brand’ for the 4 straight year. This achievement made possible by the strong support from its loyal customers, and dedicated staff who strive to deliver the best storage experience.

2.Evaluate if the Storage Offerings meet your needs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its storage offerings to cater to the growing lifestyle demands and storage needs.

Personal and Business Storage

Extra Space Asia offers a wide selection of highly secured storage solutions. Apart from personal storage, business owners will also be able to find a cost-effective and convenient way to store their business inventory. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square meter are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. In fact, Customers can upgrade or downgrade their storage space any time.


3.Ensure that there’s an effective ‘After-Sales’ Service.


Valuing and being attentive to customers is Extra Space Asia’s key focus. At Extra Space Asia, a dedicated Call-Centre is available to answer any queries customers may have. From guiding users in the selection of their storage units and recommending the ideal and storage plans, Extra Space believes in keeping customers happy.

If you are interested in any of Extra Space Asia’s storage solutions, feel free to call 1899 8708 to find out more, or simply visit any of our three of storage facilities(Apgujeong, Yangjae and Bundang) to get a personalised storage tour.

To all our current, past and future customers, thank you for choosing and trusting Extra Space Asia as your preferred self-storage brand. We look forward to sharing the unique Extra Space Asia storage experience with you!

Thank you!

When one speaks about the idea of “Self-Storage”, most might refer to the idea of a warehouse. However, warehouses usually come with fixed-term contracts in the form of years. But for, self-storage providers like Extra Space Asia, it offers customers a flexible storage term and a space where both personal and business storage users are welcome.

Here’s a list of people who might need Extra Space Asia Self Storage.

1. People who are looking to store their personal collection

Eyeing to purchase new clothes to expand your wardrobe collection? But lack the space to store them at home? Yes, we know that you may have maxed out those spaces in your wardrobe, closet, and even the showcase display. In this case, consider self-storage today to enjoy extra room to grow your collection and even store personal items like your winter clothes, etc. Need to access your items at odd hours in the morning or night? Don’t worry. By storing with Extra Space, you can enjoy the freedom to access your times any time, any day, 24/7. Just simply key in your pin code at the storage facility, and you will be able to access your storage unit.


2. New and expanding businesses

Planning to bulk up inventory for the upcoming festive sales like Seollal Sale or the Summer Sale? If this is causing you a temporary space problem, you can always rent a self-storage unit at a storage provider such as Extra Space Asia Self Storage and get unlimited space to store your business inventory.

If you have just started your business in your home space or small office space, simply rent a storage unit at Extra Space Asia, and you will be able to enjoy more working space. You can store all your paper documents and inventory in a safe and secure storage unit at Extra Space Asia.

One great perk of using Extra Space is the ability to upsize and downsize your storage unit at any time. This will be a useful cost-saving benefit for new businesses looking to keep their operating costs low.


3. Homeowners planning to renovate or relocate


Planning for a renovation to spruce up your home? When your home is undergoing renovation, it is inevitable to find dirt or dust around. Even if we moved all of our personal belongings to one isolated room covered in protective canvas, our items might still be dusty. Keep your belongings clean, safe and dirt-free! Simply store it at Extra Space Asia.

For those looking to relocate and move, you can also rent a self-storage unit here. It would be a good idea to store all your family and personal items, with the flexibility of storage duration and size.

At Extra Space Asia, customers can choose to store both short-term and long-term. For most customers who require space for their home transition period, Extra Space Asia will be a good option as there is no lockdown period, and they are free to choose how long they need to store their items. Customers will also be able to retrieve or store their items any time during the moving or renovation period.

If you are in any of these three situations, please feel free to visit any of our seven storage facilities in Korea or simply call us at 1899-8708 to speak with our professional consultants.


Extra Space Asia Korea 7 facilities:

We will be glad to assist you with your storage queries.