Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, South Korea has started to teach students online. As this is a relatively new initiative, many parents are worried about creating a conducive study environment at home. Here are some tips to make the ideal study room for our kids.


  1. Remove distractions

Kids are very easily distracted, especially during the “Homeschooling” period as they will be staying at home all day. Therefore, if you want your child to focus on studying during the e-learning, remove all possible distractions from the kid’s room.


  1. Keep the study space organised

One of the most effective ways to make your child focus on learning at home is to maintain a tidy room. Organise school materials such as textbooks, notes and school supplies near the desk. And make sure all study items are placed at a designated area on the desk or in the drawer. You can also consider labelling the items to guide kids on how to organise each item themselves after use.


  1. Lighting

Dim settings never fail to make us sleepy. So think about adding a small lamp on the desk for a well-lit study space. But, remember choose a light source that is not too bright or straining on the eyes!


  1. Space

Not enough space to create a study room for kids at home? You can easily make space by storing things at a self-storage facility like Extra Space. Here, you can have the flexibility to store things as short as 14 days to as long as required (with spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square metres). Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, simply bring your things back home as usual.

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Living in a space-starved country like Seoul, the chance of owning more space or a bigger new home seems tough. To cope with this issue, most people explore the option of renting a self-storage unit to expand their living space without overcrowding their current home or office space. However, with around ten self-storage companies in Korea, which should you choose? And why? Here’s 3 useful tips when choosing your self-storage provider in Korea.


1.Store with a Safe and Reliable Self-Storage Brand

 Being one of the few dominant self-storage brands in Asia, Extra Space Asia has been in the industry for over 13 years. Today, the company has six storage facilities located in Korea and over 50 storage facilities spread across Asia. Extra Space Asia was awarded ‘Singapore’s No.1 Self-Storage brand’ for the 3rd straight year. This achievement made possible by the strong support from its loyal customers, and dedicated staff who strive to deliver the best storage experience.


2.Evaluate if the Storage Offerings meet your needs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its storage offerings to cater to the growing lifestyle demands and storage needs.

Personal and Business Storage

Extra Space Asia offers a wide selection of highly secured storage solutions. Apart from personal storage, business owners will also be able to find a cost-effective, secure and convenient way to store their business inventory. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square meter are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. In fact, Customers can upgrade or downgrade their storage space any time.

3.Ensure that there’s an effective ‘After-Sales’ Service.

Valuing and being attentive to customers is Extra Space Asia’s key focus. At Extra Space Asia, a dedicated Call-Centre is available to answer any queries customers may have. From guiding users in the selection of their storage units and recommending the ideal and storage plans, Extra Space believes in keeping customers happy.

If you are interested in any of Extra Space Asia’s storage solutions, feel free to call 1899 8708 to find out more, or simply visit any of our three of storage facilities(Apgujeong, Yangjae and Bundang) to get a personalised storage tour.

To all our current, past and future customers, thank you for choosing and trusting Extra Space Asia as your preferred self-storage brand. We look forward to sharing the unique Extra Space Asia storage experience with you!


As winter ends, it’s time to start cleaning up your house to welcome the spring season 🙂

Here are 3 items to look out for when you start cleaning your living room and closet.


  1. Carpet

Thick and heavy carpets can help to create extra warmth during winter. However, during the warmer seasons, the carpet might add extra heat around the home. Can’t take the heat? Cool off by storing your carpets and reusing them again during winter.

Before storing it in your storage unit, remember to clean thoroughly to prevent moulds and accumulation of dust.  Please clean from at least 2 different directions to absorb all the dust.


  1. Bedding

Goodbye, winter comforter! It’s time to replace your thick fluffy comforter to a thin material blanket. Like your carpet, winter bedding should also be clean and stain-free before you pack and store.

There are no fixed cleaning rules here. You can either choose to use a washing machine or go to a laundromat. Just remember that your comforters are completely dry before storage – any leftover may cause moulds to grow in your storage unit! To optimise space, fold them neatly or use a vacuum storage bag to compress the size of your winter comforters.


  1. Large bulky family items

Carpet, comforter, curtains and even clothing winter items are very bulky and take more space than everyday household items. If you’re running out of space to store these bulky items, no worries! Extra Space Self-storage is here to help.

Our self-storage units are air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition. You can also enjoy the freedom to access your items 24/7, any time, any day. Visit our facility today to find out more.