Are you a sports fanatic who loves different seasonal sports? If your workout schedule includes various outdoor activities such as golf sessions in autumn, surfing during summer and skiing during winter, it’s understandable for you to face space issues at home storing these bulky sports equipment. To solve this problem, here are three effective ways to store these sports equipment well.


1. Hang your equipment on empty walls and ceiling

Time to get creative! Look how much space these large items are taking up on the floor. If you think that utilising the floor space is the only way to store your sports equipment, think again. Especially for those living in a small apartment, you can explore hanging your sports gear such as bikes and surfboards from the wall or ceiling hooks. This will definitely free up your floor space while using your sports as a part of your home décor. How cool is that!


2.Shelve them together with your books

Besides finding a space to store all your sports equipment, you might also need some space to store smaller sports gears like golf balls, rackets, helmets and knee pads. One practical way to organise would be to place these small items on your shelf. This idea allows you to find each item quickly and easily when you need them. By placing this shelf space next to your large sports equipment, you can save time when packing an


3.Rotate the items according to the season

One of the easiest ways to not mess things up is placing those frequently-used items in the most accessible area. For example, during the summer season, you can store your ski equipment away and organise your water sports equipment somewhere within easy reach. When winter comes, simply switch this arrangement around!


For those who don’t have enough space to store equipment at home, why not consider storing these items at self-storage space such as Extra Space? With 24-hour accessibility, you’ll be able to store and retrieve your items any time, any day. You’ll also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of storage unit sizes ranging from 1.5 to 10 square metres. To top it off, all of our storage facilities are also 24/7 air-conditioned and dehumidified, keeping your storage unit conditions optimal all-day long. Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more!

We understand that many of us love collecting as a hobby. These items include toy figures, Lego, sneakers, handicrafts and paintings. There are also collectors who love souvenirs like cups and stamps. However, there is always an issue about space when these items accumulate over time. Here’s why you should use self-storage to expand your personal collection.


1. Maintenance

Collectables are usually meaningful items or expensive limited editions. Therefore, it is important to store such temperature-sensitive items in a good air-conditioning environment. With this added care, your personal items can be stored for a longer period of time without compromising their quality. Self-storage facility like Extra Space controls the temperature in the storage facility 24/7 so that everything is stored in a dehumidified storage unit even during the hot summer or freezing winter.


2. Space and Security

It is a happy feeling to see our collections grow. However, this means inevitable space constraints at home. In this case, why not explore other solutions like storing in a self-storage facility? By renting a small storage space near home, you can now display your items in their full glory!

If you are new to the idea of self-storage and are concerned about the issue of security, fret not! Extra Space is a highly secured facility with 24/7 CCTV. You are the only person who can open the storage unit door to access your space.



Need to enter your storage space at midnight or early morning? No problem. With 24/7 PIN code access to the facility, you can visit anytime. There are 7 facilities in Seoul and Bundang. Choose the nearest one in Yangjae, Gasan, Apgujeong, Yeongdeuongpo and Yongsan. Here, you can enjoy the flexibility to store your personal collection from as short as 14 days to as long as you require. There is also a wide range of storage spaces from 1.5 to 40 square metres to choose from. Call us at 1899-8708 today to enjoy up to 30% off selected storage units!



Travelling overseas or going to the beach are the most popular things to do for the summer holidays. However, people are now changing their summer trip plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More people are choosing camping trips that respect social distancing. If you are keen on going on a camping trip as well, check out these three essential tips.


  1. Prepare your camping gear using a checklist

This list should include: a tent, sleeping bags, folding chairs, lighting and a first-aid kit. Since the camping site is far away from the city, bringing the right equipment is very important and having a checklist will definitely help you remember the important items.


  1. Choosing a camping site

A good camping site for beginners is a town nearby with good facilities and amenities. Go online to check out campsites in your area, and you will realise that there are so many options to choose from. If you have pets, you need to check in advance to find out if pets are allowed. On the campsite, try to find a flat, clean and even ground to set up your tent. Beware of any sharp rocks or debris, as an uneven ground may damage your tent and affect the comfort of your sleep.


  1. Bring a quilt and some extra clothes

Camping is an outdoor activity that is impacted by the weather conditions, and you might experience cold at night as the temperature drops. So bringing waterproofing items, extra clothes and a quilt to the campsite is highly recommended – add them to your checklist!

Camping gear is bulky and takes up space. If you are running out of space to store your camping gear, maybe Extra Space can help. Here, you can enjoy the freedom to access your belongings 24/7 any time, any day. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square-metres are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. Call 1899-8708 today to find out more.

Running a business or planning to start one in Seoul? Congrats! However, as we all know, renting an office building in Seoul is one of the most expensive factors when opening a new business. In fact, Seoul’s rental is one of the most expensive in Asia. Being a business owner, one would have to factor in the various cost before embarking on a business, such as office rental cost, hiring employees, storage to store your inventory and other operational costs. Here are 4 reasons why choosing to rent a self-storage with storage companies like Extra Space Asia is a smart choice for your business.


  1. Convenience

Need to retrieve an item urgently from your storage unit? No worries. At Extra Space, you can access your storage unit at any time, 24/7. Unlike warehouse storage located in the suburbs, you would be able to find an Extra Space Asia self-storage near you in the city. Extra Space is located at Yangjae, Apgujeong, Yongsan, Yeongdeungpo, Gasan and Bundang. Just choose the nearest one!


  1. Security

We understand that all items related to business such as inventory, computers and filing document are important. Therefore, at Extra Space Asia, we place a high emphasis on maintaining tight security across the storage facility. On top of 24/7 CCTV monitoring the facility, all customers are also given a unique Pin code to access to their storage unit. This means only the customers will have access to their storage unit with their individual padlock. Thus, you can be assured that all of your items are safely stored here.


  1. Flexibility

Extra Space understands the business fluctuation. That is why customers here can upgrade or downgrade their storage space at any time they want. Simply inform our staff, and they will help to change the storage units accordingly. Feel free to choose from our wide range of storage sizes from Locker units as small as 1sqm to Walk-in units as big as 33sqm for your storage needs.


  1. Attractive Prices

The minimum period of renting a self-storage unit at Extra Space is only 14 days! From there, you can extend the contract to as long as you need. In this case, customers no longer need to worry about a long-term contract and wasting budget. For those on a lookout for recurring discounts and special promotions, simply sign up for a storage unit plan of more than 3 months. It’s that easy! Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more.


Using steel material partition instead of urethane

Fires in a warehouse pose huge problems and risks and lead to an immeasurable loss of life and property, especially when building partitions are made of urethane material. Urethane foam has excellent insulation, explaining its popularity amongst many warehouse facilities. However, as it is not a fire-resistant material, this material causes fire breakouts to spread quickly.


In an attempt to safeguard the Extra Space facilities and to minimise the risk of fire, we have committed to only using partitions made from steel that has passed stringent safety inspections. Safety has always been our utmost priority, and we strive to provide a safe and secure facility that all our customers can rely on.


Safe and Reliable Self-Storage Brand

Extra Space Asia is the region’s dominant operator in Asia, expanding across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Japan. Extra Space Korea opened our first self-storage facility back in 2010 and has since solidified its position as the forerunner of the self-storage industry in Korea.


Storage Space Offerings that meet your needs

Extra Space Asia offers a wide selection of highly secured storage solutions. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square-metres are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. What’s more, you will also be able to access your storage unit 24/7, any time, any day.

If you are interested in Extra Space Asia’s storage solutions, feel free to call us at 1899 8708 to find out more. We look forward to sharing our leading self-storage experience with you!

Eyeing to purchase that new sneaker to expand your personal collection? But facing a lack of space at home to store more? Yes, we know that you may have maxed out those space in your wardrobe, closet and even the showcase display. In this case, why not try self-storage today where you can enjoy extra space to grow your personal collection. Here are 4 reasons why choosing to store in a self-storage is a smart choice.


1. Maintaining good condition

We know that among your personal collections and belongings, some of them might be sensitive to the weather conditions, especially in summer when humidity and temperature are higher. This can lead to your items deteriorating by sticking together, melting, colour change or getting mouldy. However, if you store these temperature-sensitive items at a self-storage facility like Extra Space, you don’t need to worry about the storage conditions. At Extra Space Asia, all storage units are air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition.


2. Accessibility

In need of your luggage at 3 am in the morning? Don’t fret! By storing with Extra Space, you can enjoy the freedom to access your items any time, any day 24/7. What’s more, Extra Space facilities are located right at the centre of Seoul, Yangjae, Apgujeong, Yeongdeungpo, Yongsan, Gasan and Bundang. With so many facilities in Korea, all you have to do is choose the storage facility nearest to your home.


3. Safety

At Extra Space Asia, all storage facilities are monitored by 24/7 CCTV. You will be given a unique PIN code to access to the storage unit, and this is a code that only you have so that only you can access your storage unit. All of these measures will help to ensure that all your items are protected round-the-clock.


4. Flexibility

If you are still not sure about self-storage service, why not try it for 14 days first J If you like it, you can extend your storage duration to as long as you need. Extra Space also offers a wide range of storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square metres. If you need to upsize or downsize your storage unit, feel free to let our facility managers know any time you need to. Further questions? Please feel free to call us at 1899 8708 to find out more!


The Korean government is giving the COVID-19 emergency relief funds to help citizens amid the outbreak. This relief comes in the form of points on credit/debit card, gift certificates and prepaid cards. While any Korean citizen can apply, here are some restrictions when it comes to using the funds:

– The money should be spent within the regional district where you live.

– This relief fund is not applicable to chosen entertainment establishments and large department stores.

– Citizens must spend the money by the end of August 2020, or it will be considered a donation.


Thinking of using this opportunity to offset your self-storage expenses? Check out the FAQ guide below!


Q. Can I use Emergency Disaster Relief Funds at Extra Space self-storage?

Yes, you can spend the emergency disaster funds at any Extra Space self-storage facilities(Yangjae, Bundang and Apgujeong) with the given payment card.


Q. Can I use any type of given payment methods to sign-up?

Credit or debit card points and prepaid cards are available at Extra Space self-storage.


Q. Any restrictions in terms of storage locations?

Yes, the funds can only be used in the region where your address is registered. E.g. If your home address is registered in Seoul, you will not be able to use this fund at Extra Space Bundang facility, which is out of Seoul.


Q. Can the funds be used across all Extra Space facilities?

Yes, it is applicable to 3 storage facilities at Extra Space Korea. The facilities are located in Yangjae, Bundang and Apgujeong.


Q. Any restrictions on the period of spending?

According to the government policy, the funds need to be spent by 31st August, or it will be considered a donation.


Q. How can I make a payment?

Simply visit our facility to sign up and complete the payment process during our office working hours from Mon-Sat, 9 am – 6 pm.


Q. Can I make payment in advance with the relief fund?

If you wish to pay for our storage space in the future using the relief fund, you will need to visit us and proceed with payment by 31st August 2020.


Please feel free to contact us at 1899-8708 if you have further questions. Our friendly staff will let you know more about the usage of the emergency fund at our facilities. Stay safe and healthy!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, South Korea has started to teach students online. As this is a relatively new initiative, many parents are worried about creating a conducive study environment at home. Here are some tips to make the ideal study room for our kids.


  1. Remove distractions

Kids are very easily distracted, especially during the “Homeschooling” period as they will be staying at home all day. Therefore, if you want your child to focus on studying during the e-learning, remove all possible distractions from the kid’s room.


  1. Keep the study space organised

One of the most effective ways to make your child focus on learning at home is to maintain a tidy room. Organise school materials such as textbooks, notes and school supplies near the desk. And make sure all study items are placed at a designated area on the desk or in the drawer. You can also consider labelling the items to guide kids on how to organise each item themselves after use.


  1. Lighting

Dim settings never fail to make us sleepy. So think about adding a small lamp on the desk for a well-lit study space. But, remember choose a light source that is not too bright or straining on the eyes!


  1. Space

Not enough space to create a study room for kids at home? You can easily make space by storing things at a self-storage facility like Extra Space. Here, you can have the flexibility to store things as short as 14 days to as long as required (with spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square metres). Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, simply bring your things back home as usual.

Call us at 1899-8708 today to enjoy up to 30% off selected storage units!

Living in a space-starved country like Seoul, the chance of owning more space or a bigger new home seems tough. To cope with this issue, most people explore the option of renting a self-storage unit to expand their living space without overcrowding their current home or office space. However, with around ten self-storage companies in Korea, which should you choose? And why? Here’s 3 useful tips when choosing your self-storage provider in Korea.


1.Store with a Safe and Reliable Self-Storage Brand

 Being one of the few dominant self-storage brands in Asia, Extra Space Asia has been in the industry for over 13 years. Today, the company has six storage facilities located in Korea and over 50 storage facilities spread across Asia. Extra Space Asia was awarded ‘Singapore’s No.1 Self-Storage brand’ for the 3rd straight year. This achievement made possible by the strong support from its loyal customers, and dedicated staff who strive to deliver the best storage experience.


2.Evaluate if the Storage Offerings meet your needs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its storage offerings to cater to the growing lifestyle demands and storage needs.

Personal and Business Storage

Extra Space Asia offers a wide selection of highly secured storage solutions. Apart from personal storage, business owners will also be able to find a cost-effective, secure and convenient way to store their business inventory. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square meter are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. In fact, Customers can upgrade or downgrade their storage space any time.

3.Ensure that there’s an effective ‘After-Sales’ Service.

Valuing and being attentive to customers is Extra Space Asia’s key focus. At Extra Space Asia, a dedicated Call-Centre is available to answer any queries customers may have. From guiding users in the selection of their storage units and recommending the ideal and storage plans, Extra Space believes in keeping customers happy.

If you are interested in any of Extra Space Asia’s storage solutions, feel free to call 1899 8708 to find out more, or simply visit any of our three of storage facilities(Apgujeong, Yangjae and Bundang) to get a personalised storage tour.

To all our current, past and future customers, thank you for choosing and trusting Extra Space Asia as your preferred self-storage brand. We look forward to sharing the unique Extra Space Asia storage experience with you!


As winter ends, it’s time to start cleaning up your house to welcome the spring season 🙂

Here are 3 items to look out for when you start cleaning your living room and closet.


  1. Carpet

Thick and heavy carpets can help to create extra warmth during winter. However, during the warmer seasons, the carpet might add extra heat around the home. Can’t take the heat? Cool off by storing your carpets and reusing them again during winter.

Before storing it in your storage unit, remember to clean thoroughly to prevent moulds and accumulation of dust.  Please clean from at least 2 different directions to absorb all the dust.


  1. Bedding

Goodbye, winter comforter! It’s time to replace your thick fluffy comforter to a thin material blanket. Like your carpet, winter bedding should also be clean and stain-free before you pack and store.

There are no fixed cleaning rules here. You can either choose to use a washing machine or go to a laundromat. Just remember that your comforters are completely dry before storage – any leftover may cause moulds to grow in your storage unit! To optimise space, fold them neatly or use a vacuum storage bag to compress the size of your winter comforters.


  1. Large bulky family items

Carpet, comforter, curtains and even clothing winter items are very bulky and take more space than everyday household items. If you’re running out of space to store these bulky items, no worries! Extra Space Self-storage is here to help.

Our self-storage units are air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition. You can also enjoy the freedom to access your items 24/7, any time, any day. Visit our facility today to find out more.