As the spring season ends, it’s time to start cleaning up your house and closet to welcome summer. Here are three clever ways to prepare your home for the sunny season and properly store your items to maintain them in good condition all year round.


  1.  Carpets

Thick and heavy carpets can help to add warmth from winter to spring. However, the carpet might add extra heat around the home during the warmer seasons. Cool off by storing your carpets and reusing them again during winter.


Before storing it in your storage unit, remember to clean it thoroughly to prevent moulds and dust accumulation. Clean from at least two different directions to absorb all the dust on the carpet. Afterwards, it would be good to use a protective sheet to wrap it up for long-term storage in your storage unit.


  1.  Bedding

Goodbye, spring comforter! It’s time to replace your thick fluffy comforter with a thin material blanket. Like your carpet, spring bedding should also be clean and stain-free before you pack and store them.


There are no fixed cleaning rules here. You can either use a washing machine or go to a laundromat. Just remember that your comforters should be completely dry before storage, as any leftover moisture may cause moulds in your storage unit! To optimise your space, fold them neatly and use a vacuum storage bag to compress the size of your winter comforters.


  1.  Large bulky seasonal clothing

Carpets, comforters, curtains and even clothing used during spring are very bulky and take more space than other everyday household items. Fret not, if you’re running out of space to store these bulky items at home! Extra Space Self-Storage is here to help.


Our self-storage units are air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition. When you store your personal and family items with Extra Space Asia, you can also enjoy the freedom to access your items 24/7, any time, any day.


If you’re searching for a safe and secure storage facility to store your personal and family items, feel free to visit any of our seven storage facilities in Korea or simply call us at 1899-8708 to speak with our professional consultants to learn more about our various storage solutions.

Living in a space-starved country like Seoul, the chance of owning more space or a bigger new home seems tough. To cope with this issue, most people explore the option of renting a self-storage unit to expand their living space without overcrowding their current home or office space. However, with around ten self-storage companies in Korea, which should you choose? And why? Here’s 3 useful tips when choosing your self-storage provider in Korea.


1.Store with a Safe and Reliable Self-Storage Brand

 Being one of the few dominant self-storage brands in Asia, Extra Space Asia has been in the industry for over 13 years. Today, the company has six storage facilities located in Korea and over 50 storage facilities spread across Asia. Extra Space Asia was awarded ‘Singapore’s No.1 Self-Storage brand’ for the 4 straight year. This achievement made possible by the strong support from its loyal customers, and dedicated staff who strive to deliver the best storage experience.

2.Evaluate if the Storage Offerings meet your needs.

Over the years, the company has expanded its storage offerings to cater to the growing lifestyle demands and storage needs.

Personal and Business Storage

Extra Space Asia offers a wide selection of highly secured storage solutions. Apart from personal storage, business owners will also be able to find a cost-effective and convenient way to store their business inventory. Storage spaces ranging from 1.5 to 40 square meter are available, with rental periods from as short as two weeks to as long as required. In fact, Customers can upgrade or downgrade their storage space any time.


3.Ensure that there’s an effective ‘After-Sales’ Service.


Valuing and being attentive to customers is Extra Space Asia’s key focus. At Extra Space Asia, a dedicated Call-Centre is available to answer any queries customers may have. From guiding users in the selection of their storage units and recommending the ideal and storage plans, Extra Space believes in keeping customers happy.

If you are interested in any of Extra Space Asia’s storage solutions, feel free to call 1899 8708 to find out more, or simply visit any of our three of storage facilities(Apgujeong, Yangjae and Bundang) to get a personalised storage tour.

To all our current, past and future customers, thank you for choosing and trusting Extra Space Asia as your preferred self-storage brand. We look forward to sharing the unique Extra Space Asia storage experience with you!

Thank you!

Like the seasons, our daily wardrobe needs change every few months. As winter nears its end and spring approaches, the winter clothes will have to be kept as we prepare for the glorious spring.


Here are three smart tips for storing and managing winter clothes according to the seasons.


<How to store and manage down jackets>


  1. The main winter clothes are down jackets. The down jacket has a large volume, so you have to manage it well. Wipe off the dust before storing, and if your clothes smell, let them ventilate before storing them away.


  1. Dry cleaning during washing reduces the heat retention of feathers and down. Hand wash only areas prone to contamination with a neutral detergent and wipe dust with a soft cloth.


  1. The down jacket loses its original shape and form if hung on the hanger for extended periods of time. Put it in a breathable nonwoven cover and fold it in half. Alternatively, if there is an empty carrier, it is recommended to use it and store it together with dehumidifiers.


<How to store and manage sheepskin>


  1. Please use leather laundry for dirty parts.
  2. Dry it in the shade before putting it in the closet.
  3. Store in a place with low humidity.


<Coat Storage and Management Method>


  1. Dry-clean before putting it in the closet.
  2. Remove the plastic cover after dry cleaning.
  3. Ventilate to remove odours and moisture.


The storage and management of spring and winter clothes are important in the long-term maintenance of precious clothes. It is important to buy clothes of good quality and design, and more importantly, manage them according to the material and fabric, you can wear them for a lifetime.


If you don’t have enough space in your current house or find it difficult to store clothes in your closet for another season, come store with Extra Space Asia. By storing at Extra Space Asia facilities, your temperature-sensitive winter clothing will be stored at constant temperature/humidity, ensuring that they will be in good condition in the long run. With 24/7 PIN code storage access and 24/7 CCTV monitoring, your items will be in safe hands. Enjoy more space at home when you choose to store with Extra Space Asia today! Call us at 1899 8708 to find out more.

Planning for a renovation to spruce up your home? We understand that it can be both exciting and stressful.

During the home renovation process, you’ll be letting third-party contractors and workers roam and work freely around your home. In order to create more space for everyone to move, most homeowners would start to declutter right about now, clearing items they no longer need and keeping their personal belongings in boxes neatly. Renting a self-storage unit is also one of the most convenient ways for your personal and family items. Here are three reasons why.

  1. Safe and secure

By storing your items in a self-storage facility like Extra Space Asia, you can rest assured that your items are in safe hands. At Extra Space Asia, all customers will have their unique PIN code, which they will require to access the storage area. Each storage unit will also be locked by your very own personal lock. This will ensure that only you have access to your storage units and your items.

There is also 24-hour CCTV monitoring in the storage facility premise to assure the absolute security of your items. What’s more, unlike other storage companies, Extra Space Asia remains staffed during operation hours to provide you with further assistance when needed.

  1. Keeping your things in good condition

When your home is undergoing a renovation, it’s inevitable to find dirt or dust around. Even if we were to move all of our personal belongings to one isolated room covered with a huge protective canvas, they might still be dusty. Or worse, covered with paint.

By storing your items in a self-storage unit, you’ll be able to ensure that they are not compromised in any way. To keep your items dust-free, you might want to clean all of your items before storing them in a clear plastic box and vacuum-sealed bags. This will help you organise, and you’ll also be able to see what items are stored in a single glance. This will be useful and time-saving when you plan to retrieve your items.

  1. 24-hour storage access

A self-storage is like an extension of your home where you can access any time and day you wish. All you need to access your storage unit would be your PIN code and key to your storage unit. It’s that simple.

In addition, you’ll be able to also enjoy extra space to keep all of your personal collection, furniture and family items all in one place. This will make things more convenient when you decide to bring your items back home in one trip.

If you’re in need of a reliable storage provider, visit any of our seven Extra Space Asia Self-Storage facilities located around Korea today. And check out our wide range of storage sizes with flexible rental duration based on your needs.

Call us today at 1899 8708 to find out more!

Have you ever felt that a cluttered room makes you more helpless or anxious? It has been proven that clutter can easily distract you and drain your energy. For sure, this condition is not healthy for both your physical and mental health. Look around your place, and if the mess causes stress, it is time to put effort into getting organised!


1.Purge the clutter

If you have many items misplaced, all over the place, it might be challenging at first. But don’t be frustrated. Taking the first step is key. First of all, get rid of things that you have not used recently. You can throw them away or donate them to a neighbour or resell them online if the items are not broken. We do this big purge at the beginning to secure more space to keep your necessary belongings. Do remember: the more you get rid of, the more space you might get.


2.Store your belongings by category

Open up and see your drawer, closet and cabinet. If you feel that it is messy inside, it is because of mingled items from different categories. If you have to store everything in one place, consider using a drawer organiser to segment the space. In this way, there is a low chance that your drawers become messy again as you pick up items in the right place when you need some—no need to dig up and waste time to find something anymore.


3.Make habit of decluttering

It is not easy to establish a new organising habit. However, it is not that difficult if you start with stop procrastinating. It doesn’t even need to be a huge plan, and it can start as small as making your bed in the morning. Wipe the floor before you sleep, organise closet after laundry, and clean up dishes once upon eating up. Small changes can keep your place neatly all time. It means you won’t be influenced by a stressful environment while at home, at least.


4.Put away off-season items

Some belongings that you use but not frequently use, such as winter sports or camping items, can be stored out of your space. You do not need to squeeze them into your packed house these days as many storage facilities are near you. Self-storage facility such as Extra Space, allows you to access 24 hours and CCTV monitored all time as well. If you want to be free from the cluttered room, why not considering self-storage? Feel free to get a quote on our website and consult with our friendly staff by calling 1899-8788 to find out more.


Are you having difficulties finding belongings from your drawers? Do you feel that you need to declutter your dressers but also finding yourself procrastinating? With quick and simple tips and tricks, organise all the drawers at your home today! Here are three tips to help you to organise things neatly.


1.Take everything out

Before we start decluttering, we first need to see what makes the space messy. How? Take all things out from the drawer first. Then, sort out what you need to keep and what you want to discard. Once you see all your belongings out of the drawer, you can better identify the unnecessary things that you might not need anymore. By getting rid of those items, you can expand your drawer’s space tremendously!


2.Categorise by function

Next, aim to fill up the space wisely. Split your belongings into categories. For example, the first layer of the drawer for stationery, the second for the accessories, and the third for cleaning items. With this step, your overall space will look neater, and you will be able to find things you are looking for quickly.


3.Use dividers

For easily tangled items such as socks, supplements and cosmetics, you can consider using drawer organisers to separate them while storing them in the same place. While you can find organisers from almost any hardware or lifestyle stores near you, you can also consider a simple DIY approach. Simply cut a thick box into the small pieces you need and insert them into the drawers. By doing this, you will be able to see where each and every item is located at a glance.


Bonus tip: You can also secure more space by storing your items somewhere else. With Extra Space, choose a storage space from 1.5sqm to 14sqm as you need. What’s more, you can access your storage unit 24/7 anytime you need. Enjoy reasonable price now as Extra Space is giving up to 35% off for our new customers. Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more.


The New Year also marks the official time to clean up your entire house. Especially in 2020, when all of us have spent quite a lot of time at home working, gathering, and even exercising. With all these activities happening, we assume that your home should be packed with more things as usual by now. And seeing as how we’ll most likely be stuck at home for the foreseeable future, here are some easy cleaning tips that you can use right now!


  1. Organising

Before you start your cleaning process, take a look at everything you have at home right now. See what makes your house cluttered. Identify the things that contribute the most mess at home, because that’s what you should focus on organising first. 1) Choose what you really need and (still) want in 2021. 2) Decide to discard or donate the rest. This process should always come before general house cleaning for the New Year.


  1. Whole house cleaning

We need to be efficient when it comes to cleaning the entire house. Think of the whole unit instead of room by room. If your first step of cleaning is vacuuming, just do it for the entire floor from the living room to the kitchen. Once done, simply go to the next step in mind. If it’s mopping, be sure to consistently mop the floor from the bedroom to the living room. You can save time and feel even more productive if you clean the house step by step, rather than room by room.


  1. Storage space

One of the reasons why your home might clutter is probably due to the lack of storage spaces at home. As there is no more space to place and conceal your items neatly, things are left out in the open. If you’ve decluttered quite a fair bit, but still find yourself lacking space, consider using a self-storage.


By storing things at another space, you can now simply secure more space home! With Extra Space, choose to store from as short as 14 days to as long as you need. What’s more, you can access your storage unit 24/7 anytime you need. Price is also super reasonable now as Extra Space is giving up to 50% off for our new customers. Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more.


The process of moving and relocating can be a stressful process as it involves quite a bit of planning. Planning includes deciding the time and date of your move, the number of boxes you’d need to hold your items and decluttering to remove those items that you no longer need. For those who are under such pressure, here are 3 smart tips just for you!


1.Estimate your moving budget and make a checklist.

If you’re on a tight budget, remember to create a comprehensive checklist that includes every single detail you need to note. Start by sorting out and writing down the list of items that should be packed, discarded or donated. Then gauge how many boxes will be needed for packing each room at your current house. By doing this, you can minimise your packing time and items that you’d be bringing over to your new place. It’d also be easier to request for a quote from the moving vendors since you’ve already estimated the scale of your stuff.


2.Getting rid of things and tackle your stuff.

Start by choosing what you’ll be taking and what you’ll be discarding or donating. Start to pack discarded items first and decide how to deal with them. By decluttering your home, you can definitely eliminate a considerable number of items.

Take a good look at your remaining belongings. Time to pack off-season items you rarely use. Start with bulky furniture, books and clothing. Make sure to place heavy items at the bottom and stack up lighter things on top to keep the balance. Once you’ve packed the items into the various boxes, label them by different categories to further ease the moving process.


3.Book moving service as early as possible.

There are moving companies out there, but that doesn’t mean they are always available on your schedule. In order to find the best suitable service for you and to avoid any extra charge incurred, research and compare moving vendors way in advance, if possible. Who knows, you might even score an early-bird booking deal!


4.Arrange large furniture and appliances.

If you’ve hired movers, they might help you to place heavy furniture in the right place. The best scenario here is if you already have a layout in your mind to direct them where to place right after unloading. Moving items like fridge, wardrobe and bed are best left to the pros as they are not easy to move by yourself and very prone to scratching your wall and floor.


5.Unpack the necessities first.

Have you packed your daily essentials such as toiletries, kitchen stuff and pyjamas separately? Unpacking these boxes first ensures that all your necessities are fast in place. Once in your new home, there’s no need to rush to empty all your boxes at once, as you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the clutter from your old house. Just unpack the necessary things first and then take your time with the rest of the home.


If you’re looking for a space where you can store moving items on a short-term basis (we welcome long-term storage as well!), consider using self-storage. Extra Space offers flexible storage period from as short as 2 weeks to as long as required. You’ll able to choose unit ranging from 1.5 to 40 square metres as well. On top of this, all of our storage facilities are 24/7 air-conditioned and dehumidified, keeping your storage unit conditions optimal all-day long. Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more!


The festive Christmas season is back again! However, as the pandemic is still lingering on, most of this season’s joyful events or parties are cancelled. What’s worse, organising a home gathering itself is not so easy as there are a lot of restrictions on it. So, more people are looking for small group home parties, instead of going out to a special venue. If you’re one of them, read on for some tips on how to host a ‘safe home party’.


1.Minimise the number of guests

A Christmas home party in 2020 means a little bit different from the previous years. In terms of the party size, you shouldn’t invite all of your friends and let them mingle at the same place! It’s recommended that we have a smaller gathering of less than five to ensure that there is minimal contact.


2.Make sure everyone is in good health

As a party host, you’ll need to confirm that every guest is in good health. Before the party, contact your guests to check in on their health conditions in advance. If someone is not feeling well or having a fever, it’d be better for that guest to stay home instead. For family members who are not living together but thinking of gathering for a Christmas home party, you should do temperature check at the entrance of your house before they enter your home.

Remember that the must-have party item this year is a thermometer.


3.Divide food portions in individual plates

If your food comes in a large portion, it’d be encouraged to divide them into smaller portions and serve in individual plates and cutlery. It might be hard to control social distancing at home, but we can try to follow the basic guidelines to reduce shared contact points. Eating together, yet practising some social distancing. 🙂


4.Take care of your personal hygiene

On top of having a thermometer, the hand sanitiser is considered as another essential for home parties in 2020. Put your hand sanitiser where customers can easily access, such as next to the main door, bathroom, and on the table in the living room. Also, before your guests arrive, remember to do a quick check to see if your hand wash is enough.


5.Make enough space for everyone

Allocating a larger space is ideal for any party, especially this year. Arrange your chairs a bit further from each other and try to make enough space as much as possible. If you’ve too many things at home to make that happen, consider using a self-storage unit short-term. It’ll help you declutter as well as secure extra space. Self-storage Companies like Extra Space offer flexible rental periods from as short as 2 weeks, with 24-hour access and security features. Call 1899-8708 to find out more!



Are you a sports fanatic who loves different seasonal sports? If your workout schedule includes various outdoor activities such as golf sessions in autumn, surfing during summer and skiing during winter, it’s understandable for you to face space issues at home storing these bulky sports equipment. To solve this problem, here are three effective ways to store these sports equipment well.


1. Hang your equipment on empty walls and ceiling

Time to get creative! Look how much space these large items are taking up on the floor. If you think that utilising the floor space is the only way to store your sports equipment, think again. Especially for those living in a small apartment, you can explore hanging your sports gear such as bikes and surfboards from the wall or ceiling hooks. This will definitely free up your floor space while using your sports as a part of your home décor. How cool is that!


2.Shelve them together with your books

Besides finding a space to store all your sports equipment, you might also need some space to store smaller sports gears like golf balls, rackets, helmets and knee pads. One practical way to organise would be to place these small items on your shelf. This idea allows you to find each item quickly and easily when you need them. By placing this shelf space next to your large sports equipment, you can save time when packing an


3.Rotate the items according to the season

One of the easiest ways to not mess things up is placing those frequently-used items in the most accessible area. For example, during the summer season, you can store your ski equipment away and organise your water sports equipment somewhere within easy reach. When winter comes, simply switch this arrangement around!


For those who don’t have enough space to store equipment at home, why not consider storing these items at self-storage space such as Extra Space? With 24-hour accessibility, you’ll be able to store and retrieve your items any time, any day. You’ll also have the freedom to choose from a wide range of storage unit sizes ranging from 1.5 to 40 square metres. To top it off, all of our storage facilities are also 24/7 air-conditioned and dehumidified, keeping your storage unit conditions optimal all-day long. Call us today at 1899-8708 to find out more!