Learning how to pack your items efficiently can help to make your moving process easier and smoother. It will also help to make your unpacking tasks much easier after the tiring moving process. With plenty of moving tips that have been tried and tested to work, why not give them a try when you are packing for the big move? Here are some moving tips on how to pack moving boxes efficiently.

Pack your items in the right size boxes

When you are packing your items, it is essential to choose suitable box sizes to fit your items. If you are packing heavier item like books and folders, you can try using a smaller box. That is because if you were to use a large box for these heavy items, it might be a more challenging job for movers to move them, and it might also have a higher chance of breaking. Thus, it’s always a good choice to balance out the weight of the boxes.

Don’t leave spaces in the boxes

Remember to always fill in the empty gaps in the boxes with some bubble wrap or newspaper or cloth. These space fillers will help to protect your items from moving too much around the boxes. The cloth or bubble wrap will also help protect fragile items from knocking into one another during the moving process. If you are packing glasses, use a box with cardboard dividers to protect these fragile glass items and wrap them with paper to protect them further.

Pack accordingly to your room allocation

During the packing process, it would be good to pack accordingly to what goes in each room. When items in the same room are placed in the same boxes, it can make the unpacking process easier. While packing your room items, you should also sort your things by category, e.g. all of your clothing in the same box and shoes in another box.

Label each box 

Include a liner or two on each box when you are packing. These labels will be useful during the moving process, unpacking process and even the sorting out process. Besides adding words, you should also include a number on each box to keep track of the number of boxes that you are moving. It is good to also keep an inventory list to keep track of the number of boxes and the content to ensure that you have packed everything. If the items in the box are fragile, do remember to also add a “Fragile” sticker and arrow to show how the boxes should be placed.

Tape the moving boxes well

During the packing process, it is important to tape up every moving box well. You should always use a few tapes to close the bottom seams if you place heavy items in the cardboard boxes to ensure that the tapes can keep the box close when it’s lifted. Once you have finished packing your items into the box, you should use the tape and go around the top and bottom edges a couple of time to ensure that they are fully taped up.

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Packing and protecting your furniture is definitely a step not to be missed. Before the move, it is important to ensure that everything is packed well. This crucial step will help ensure that all your belongings and furniture are in good condition during the transportation process and when they arrive at your new location. Here are some moving tips on how to pack and protect your furniture for moving.

Measure your furniture

Once you have made a list of what items you would need to move, you should measure your furniture items, especially big furniture like the dining table. This measurement stage ensures that your furniture and belongings can pass through the doors, corners, lift safely without hitting and damaging the items. If you plan to store your items in a self-storage unit during this moving or transition period, the dimensions will also come in handy to determine the storage size you need.

Inspect and clean your furniture

Before the big move, it is important to inspect your furniture to check if they are all in good condition. Note the furniture or personal belongings that have any signs of damage. During this inspecting period, it will also help you decide if the furniture is worth the effort and money to move to the new location. Once you have inspected them, remember to clean them up before packing them. It is good to ensure that all of your furniture pieces are free from dust, dirt and coarse particles that may damage the delicate surface of some sensitive furniture materials.

Disassemble your furniture when needed

If the furniture can be disassembled easily, you should disassemble them to make it easier for the movers during transportation. If you are storing your furniture in a self-storage unit, disassembling big items such as bed frames, sofa sets, dining tables etc, will help optimise the storage unit space more efficiently too. That is because you are paying the storage unit based on the amount of space/area you have rented, so it will be more space-consuming if you store the items in their original state. Remember to also safekeep all the small elements like bolts, nuts, screws in a fastening bag so that you do not misplace them during the move.

Secure your furniture 

For furniture items such as cupboards, drawers or any items that may open during the move, you should use stretch film and tapes to ensure that they remain safely closed throughout the move. In cases whereby your furniture sets include a fragile element such as glass table tops, shelves etc, you should pack and protect them with either bubble wraps or a thick blanket so that they will remain in good condition during the move. If you need any packing materials such as bubble wraps, stretch film and packing boxes, you can always purchase them at Extra Space Asia Self-Storage’s Box Shop.

Cover your furniture

Covering your furniture’s exposed surfaces help to keep your items dust-free and protected at all times. You can also tape some protective covers on your furniture and personal belongings to keep them from unwrapping during the moving process. If you plan to store your furniture in a self-storage unit, the protective cover can also help keep them dust-free during the storage duration.

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