When one speaks about the idea of “Self-Storage”, most might refer to the idea of a warehouse. However, warehouses usually come with fixed-term contracts in the form of years. But for, self-storage providers like Extra Space Asia, it offers customers a flexible storage term and a space where both personal and business storage users are welcome.

Here’s a list of people who might need Extra Space Asia Self Storage.

1. People who are looking to store their personal collection

Eyeing to purchase new clothes to expand your wardrobe collection? But lack the space to store them at home? Yes, we know that you may have maxed out those spaces in your wardrobe, closet, and even the showcase display. In this case, consider self-storage today to enjoy extra room to grow your collection and even store personal items like your winter clothes, etc. Need to access your items at odd hours in the morning or night? Don’t worry. By storing with Extra Space, you can enjoy the freedom to access your times any time, any day, 24/7. Just simply key in your pin code at the storage facility, and you will be able to access your storage unit.


2. New and expanding businesses

Planning to bulk up inventory for the upcoming festive sales like Seollal Sale or the Summer Sale? If this is causing you a temporary space problem, you can always rent a self-storage unit at a storage provider such as Extra Space Asia Self Storage and get unlimited space to store your business inventory.

If you have just started your business in your home space or small office space, simply rent a storage unit at Extra Space Asia, and you will be able to enjoy more working space. You can store all your paper documents and inventory in a safe and secure storage unit at Extra Space Asia.

One great perk of using Extra Space is the ability to upsize and downsize your storage unit at any time. This will be a useful cost-saving benefit for new businesses looking to keep their operating costs low.


3. Homeowners planning to renovate or relocate


Planning for a renovation to spruce up your home? When your home is undergoing renovation, it is inevitable to find dirt or dust around. Even if we moved all of our personal belongings to one isolated room covered in protective canvas, our items might still be dusty. Keep your belongings clean, safe and dirt-free! Simply store it at Extra Space Asia.

For those looking to relocate and move, you can also rent a self-storage unit here. It would be a good idea to store all your family and personal items, with the flexibility of storage duration and size.

At Extra Space Asia, customers can choose to store both short-term and long-term. For most customers who require space for their home transition period, Extra Space Asia will be a good option as there is no lockdown period, and they are free to choose how long they need to store their items. Customers will also be able to retrieve or store their items any time during the moving or renovation period.

If you are in any of these three situations, please feel free to visit any of our seven storage facilities in Korea or simply call us at 1899-8708 to speak with our professional consultants.


Extra Space Asia Korea 7 facilities: https://www.extraspaceasia.co.kr/our-facilities/

We will be glad to assist you with your storage queries.

Like the seasons, our daily wardrobe needs change every few months. As winter nears its end and spring approaches, the winter clothes will have to be kept as we prepare for the glorious spring.


Here are three smart tips for storing and managing winter clothes according to the seasons.


<How to store and manage down jackets>


  1. The main winter clothes are down jackets. The down jacket has a large volume, so you have to manage it well. Wipe off the dust before storing, and if your clothes smell, let them ventilate before storing them away.


  1. Dry cleaning during washing reduces the heat retention of feathers and down. Hand wash only areas prone to contamination with a neutral detergent and wipe dust with a soft cloth.


  1. The down jacket loses its original shape and form if hung on the hanger for extended periods of time. Put it in a breathable nonwoven cover and fold it in half. Alternatively, if there is an empty carrier, it is recommended to use it and store it together with dehumidifiers.


<How to store and manage sheepskin>


  1. Please use leather laundry for dirty parts.
  2. Dry it in the shade before putting it in the closet.
  3. Store in a place with low humidity.


<Coat Storage and Management Method>


  1. Dry-clean before putting it in the closet.
  2. Remove the plastic cover after dry cleaning.
  3. Ventilate to remove odours and moisture.


The storage and management of spring and winter clothes are important in the long-term maintenance of precious clothes. It is important to buy clothes of good quality and design, and more importantly, manage them according to the material and fabric, you can wear them for a lifetime.


If you don’t have enough space in your current house or find it difficult to store clothes in your closet for another season, come store with Extra Space Asia. By storing at Extra Space Asia facilities, your temperature-sensitive winter clothing will be stored at constant temperature/humidity, ensuring that they will be in good condition in the long run. With 24/7 PIN code storage access and 24/7 CCTV monitoring, your items will be in safe hands. Enjoy more space at home when you choose to store with Extra Space Asia today! Call us at 1899 8708 to find out more.

A home office is an office space at home to run official business functions. Start-ups and entrepreneurs commonly use home offices as their very first office to lower the cost of operation. However, as a business owner, there will be times when you feel ready to move out of your home office to an actual office space.

Here are five good indicators to start packing and move to an office space.

Your business is growing quickly

Take a look around your home space. If you feel like your home space is turning into an office space with business inventory occupying more than 50% of your home space or space to work, it’s time to set up an office elsewhere. You can always start by renting a small office space of a good size to fit your business items and office equipment so that the cost of renting an office space is minimal and upsize accordingly.

You are hiring more employees

As your business grows, you will need more manpower to help you in the daily operation of your business, as it will be hard to do everything on your own. When that time comes, you will need to hire more employees, and it might be hard to fit everyone comfortably in your home. This will be the right time for you to look for a new space that is big enough to fit your team and workflow.

The lack of space to store business inventory

Planning to bulk up on inventory for the upcoming festive sales? If this is causing you a temporary space problem, you can always rent a self-storage unit at a storage provider such as Extra Space Asia Self Storage, where you will enjoy unlimited space to store all of your business inventory. Renting a storage unit is like an extension of your office space where you can access your goods and inventory 24/7, any time, any day. You can also be assured that your items are in good hands with the 24/7 CCTV monitoring in the storage facility area. With a wide storage size available at the storage facility, you will also be able to affordably find a storage space to store all of your items. If you need storage assistance, you can always contact 1899 8708, and Extra Space Asia Self Storage will assist you accordingly.

If this space-related problem is a long-term issue, you can always find an office space near a storage facility. This way, you will be able to enjoy ample space for your goods and also a comfortable room to operate your business.

The lack of space to hold client meetings

When you just started your business, most of your client meetings might be at home or a local coffee shop. However, as your business grows, it might look unprofessional to hold all the physical meetings in your home. Firstly, there might be limited space to move around. Secondly, it might be hard to speak about confidential matters with all the employees in the same room. As such, it’s good to consider renting an office space with some rooms so that each function can have room to operate clearly.

Too many distractions at home

We can all agree that working at home is comfortable and ideal for most as everything is within reach. However, it’s not always the best place to work as distractions are too many at home for us to work in peace. Especially if you have kids or rowdy pets at home, distractions make it challenging for us to engage in deep work and stay focused during a meeting.

Learning how to pack your items efficiently can help to make your moving process easier and smoother. It will also help to make your unpacking tasks much easier after the tiring moving process. With plenty of moving tips that have been tried and tested to work, why not give them a try when you are packing for the big move? Here are some moving tips on how to pack moving boxes efficiently.

Pack your items in the right size boxes

When you are packing your items, it is essential to choose suitable box sizes to fit your items. If you are packing heavier item like books and folders, you can try using a smaller box. That is because if you were to use a large box for these heavy items, it might be a more challenging job for movers to move them, and it might also have a higher chance of breaking. Thus, it’s always a good choice to balance out the weight of the boxes.

Don’t leave spaces in the boxes

Remember to always fill in the empty gaps in the boxes with some bubble wrap or newspaper or cloth. These space fillers will help to protect your items from moving too much around the boxes. The cloth or bubble wrap will also help protect fragile items from knocking into one another during the moving process. If you are packing glasses, use a box with cardboard dividers to protect these fragile glass items and wrap them with paper to protect them further.

Pack accordingly to your room allocation

During the packing process, it would be good to pack accordingly to what goes in each room. When items in the same room are placed in the same boxes, it can make the unpacking process easier. While packing your room items, you should also sort your things by category, e.g. all of your clothing in the same box and shoes in another box.

Label each box 

Include a liner or two on each box when you are packing. These labels will be useful during the moving process, unpacking process and even the sorting out process. Besides adding words, you should also include a number on each box to keep track of the number of boxes that you are moving. It is good to also keep an inventory list to keep track of the number of boxes and the content to ensure that you have packed everything. If the items in the box are fragile, do remember to also add a “Fragile” sticker and arrow to show how the boxes should be placed.

Tape the moving boxes well

During the packing process, it is important to tape up every moving box well. You should always use a few tapes to close the bottom seams if you place heavy items in the cardboard boxes to ensure that the tapes can keep the box close when it’s lifted. Once you have finished packing your items into the box, you should use the tape and go around the top and bottom edges a couple of time to ensure that they are fully taped up.

If you need any packing boxes or packing materials like bubble wraps or tapes, you can always purchase them at any of our Extra Space Asia storage facilities. Call us at 1899 8708 to find out more.