December is a season of close bonding with friends and family. That’s why instead of noisy restaurants, most of us prefer to throw a House Party at home.

Here are 3 tips to bring home an enjoyable party this Christmas.


Tip #1: Plan for a scrumptious feast

What’s the most essential element in any party? You guessed it: Food! A happy tummy equals a great time. Time to whip up your signature dishes and impress your guests. Unlike a fixed menu in a restaurant, home cooking offers a more personal touch.

Can’t cook but want a feast? Consider connecting everyone through food in a hearty Potluck home party – a truly delicious festive gift for all.


Tip #2: Spruce up your home

It’s all in the small details, and you don’t even need to spend a hefty sum. Balloons are the cheapest and easiest to create the party atmosphere instantly. Choose from a vibrant variety and think of the best place at home for the balloons. Our recommendation: Find a suitable corner at home, decorate it with balloons for a nice DIY photo booth area!


Tip #3: Make room for Extra Space

Having ample party space allows your guests to mingle, dance and foam freely. But with smaller homes, how can we make room for more space?

Visit Extra Space Asia Self Storage where you can choose from a wide range of storage size to store your items on a flexible basis from as short as 14 days to as long as you need.


Extra Space Asia’s Christmas gift to all Customers

This festive season, there celebrate Christmas with a chance to win one of 130 FREE gift vouchers.

Here’s how you can take part in our giveaway:

  1. Existing customers qualify instantly – all you need to do is sit back and wait for our good news
  2. Sign up to be a new customer at any of our storage facilities by 31st December 2019 and stand a chance to win!

May everyone stay merry and win big this holidays!



Looking to expand your online business or starting a new business? At Extra Space Asia, we understand that every business requires quite a fair bit of expenses, especially at the beginning stage. We aim to help your business by providing a smart business storage option that is not only flexible in plans, our storage options also work to give you endless savings!


Here’s why businesses, entrepreneurs and even those working from home should consider Extra Space Asia self-storage today:


1.Wide range of storage sizes under one roof

Save the trouble of finding the next suitable storage size to fit your growing business. At Extra Space Asia, we offer a wide range of storage sizes from Locker units as small as 1sqm to Walk-in storages as big as 33sqm all located in one storage facility; you can choose to upsize or downsize your storage unit any time when you need to.


2.Affordable storage options

If you have a start-up or thinking about expanding your ecommerce business, you should explore the option of using a self-storage to store all your business inventory. Wait, but why not warehouses? That is because unlike warehouses where rental costs are high, the rental cost of using Extra Space Asia self-storage starts with recurring discounts for the following months of rental. What’s more, there is also no fixed storage plans at Extra Space Asia self-storage, unlike warehouses where you might need to rent for a minimum period based on a contract.

All that, in return, will bring about significant cost savings to your business.


3.24-hour access to a secure storage facility

At Extra Space Asia Self-Storage, you will be given a unique Pin code to access to the storage unit; this is a code that only you have, so that only you can access to your storage unit.

Fun fact about Extra Space Asia self-storage’s unique pin code is that it will always light your way to direct you to your storage unit should you decide to come to retrieve something from your storage unit at odd hours like 3am!


Winter is here, and we know that it can be hard to organise your winter clothes. They are heavy and bulky – think about all that fur, suede and leather you have to lug around! Here are 3 ways to prep your closet for the winter season.


1.Clear the clothes you don’t wear

It’s time to replace your summer clothes before winter falls. The first step is to review all the clothing you have in your closet. Pull out everything and review each item – what to discard, donate and keep? If you’ve not worn something in three years, chances are you may not be needing it anymore. Leave only the essentials and make room for more closet space.


2.Sort by material

Instead of organising your clothes based on the frequency of use, try sorting them by their materials. This way, you can get a complete look at what clothes you have under each category. Arrangements like this are ideal for winter wear.


3.Consider Self-Storage

Got a designer limited edition piece that you may not wear during winter? It’s time to give self-storage a try. By storing in a storage facility like Extra Space Asia, you can free your closet space at home. You can also enjoy the freedom to access your not-so-frequently-used items 24/7, any time, any day. You’ll also be assured that everything is in good hands. Extra Space Asia’s storage unit is air-conditioned, so your temperature-sensitive items can always be kept in their best condition.


Contact us today to find out more!


Ever wondered how you can maximise storage space in your storage unit? Good news: we have tips for you. With some strategic planning, you can now enjoy more savings by choosing the right storage size! Let’s jump right in:


1. Storage Space Planning – Vertical vs Horizontal

If you fill up your storage unit without a plan, you’ll end up wasting valuable space. To stretch the usable space in your storage, remember to consider both horizontal and vertical aspects of the area.

Start by placing the heaviest items at the bottom of your unit. Like building a foundation, this will start you off with a solid base to work upwards with lighter and more fragile items.


2. Ensure Accessibility to Commonly Used Belongings

Are there any items that you need to access regularly? If yes, do please place them right in front of your storage unit. This tip will save you from the tiring hassle of moving items around in the unit, only to repack once you’re done. Imagine going through this routine every time you visit your storage unit. Oh, what a nightmare!


3. Create Walkway Your Storage

Maximising space usage also means thinking of ways to optimise movement and mobility within your storage unit. After all, being able to access your belongings is as important and storing them properly. So remember: During space planning, cater a little space for walkways. This will make accessing your items that much more convenient!


4. Fill Up Gaps in Your Storage

Still need more space? Time to get creative. Analyse the overall area in your storage unit. Look high and low for gaps of unused space. Can any of your items fill that space? Good. Now, fill it up. Think like you would when you’re playing Tetris – it’s not about how much space you have, it’s how you use it!

Moving homes often presents a list of worries. When it comes to finding temporary storage space, it’s natural for you to have some concerns, especially for valuable or bulky items. Here are 5 ways Extra Space Asia facilities can offer you peace of mind when you are relocating.


1. Flexible storage period

Depending on the situation, some might need a short-term storage period like 1 month, while some might need more than 12 months or even an extension of the storing period. If you are not sure how long you need, why not try renting a self-storage unit here? At Extra Space Asia, you can store from as short as 14 days to as long as you want!


2. Wide range of storage sizes

You need space for ALL your items – some may be small, some may be large and bulky. How? First, simply determine how big are your moving items. Then, find a storage unit that best suits your needs. We offer Locker size storage as well as a wide range of walk-in storage spaces that are over 33 metre-square. Call us today and let our friendly facility manager show you the most suitable space to store!


3. Cost-effective alternative

The common myth is that rentals are always expensive. However, at Extra Space Asia you can enjoy attractive recurring discounts if you’re storing for a longer period too. So plan your self-storage early and take advantage of our promotions.


4. 24/7 access

Need something from your storage unit at 2am? Sure thing! With Extra Space Asia, you can visit your storage unit at any time and any day even at wee hours to retrieve or store something.


5. Safe and secure environment

Safety comes first: Here, you will receive a personalised pin code and key just for you and no one else – so that ONLY YOU can access your storage unit. What’s more, our facilities are staffed with security guards who will patrol the premises around the clock. CCTVs are also well-positioned to monitor activities 24/7. All equipped, to safeguard your belongings.

Hey, we know the process of moving into a new home can be daunting with all the planning and packing checklist. The list never ends, and it’s stressful even thinking about it.

Before the moving, there’s always the process of wondering:

  1. Do we really need that item?
  2. Where to do I keep that big photo frame passed down from my grandparents?
  3. Is there enough space for the family’s personal items?

There are plenty of ways you can make the moving process a smooth one. One sure way is to use self-storage, an incredibly convenient service and solution to the questions above.


What is self-storage?

Self-storage companies provide highly secure, self-contained storage spaces to give individuals & families the flexibility to rent a space according to their needs. Storage spaces range from 1 square meter to 33 square meter and the rental period start from as short as fourteen days to as long as you need. You also have the freedom to upgrade or downsize your storage space at any time.

At Extra Space Asia, each storage space is equipped with a locking mechanism that integrates with a 24-hour security system, as well as a personal access code system for customers to access their items 24/7, all year round.


How can self-storage help during your moving period?

1) Extension of your living space

Having a self-storage unit is like owning more living space where you can store your personal items. The extra space can also come in handy for your furniture while you renovate your new home. In addition, It is also a safe and secure place to keep your growing personal collection and memorabilia which you might not have space for in your new home. The best part of using a self-storage? Things will be kept in good condition, and accessibility is 24/7, which also means you can store and retrieve any time, any day!

2) Cost-effective alternative

You can enjoy attractive recurring discounts if you’re storing for a longer period. An effective solution versus storing at a warehouse where you might end up paying for space that is not utilized. With over 200 different sizes available in a self-storage space, you can be certain of taking up a storage space that best fits your needs. Most warehouse spaces do not allow 24/7, unsupervised access too. Now, you no longer have to throw precious belongings away due to lack of space, only to repurchase the same things when your new home is ready!

3) Flexible storage terms

Using a self-storage facility is an excellent option as it offers flexible storage terms. For storage rental period, you can choose to store from as short as two weeks to as long as you need. What’s more, you can rent a bigger storage unit should you require more storage space during the renovation period and choose to scale down to a smaller storage unit as you remove items. Perfect for your private collection or even business inventory!

Using a self-storage unit during the moving transition period will smoothen your moving process without you having to worry about your furniture getting dirty or whether you have enough space at home to keep all your personal belongings.